System components

The solar house is equipped with the following energy and water systems:


ICS System Controller: The heart of the PARADISE Smart Solar House is the ISC System Controller, a development by SET, selected electronic technologies GmbH. It is an intelligent system controller with which a so-called Smart Home Grid is put into practice. The ISC controls all components and devices of the system and secures the energy management. The ISC takes care for the optimal charge/discharge of the system battery and controls the water supply system. It also controls the measurement and storage of the system- and consumption- data and is the interface to the data transfer device, which transfers the data to the SET internet portal via GSM/GPRS.

Internet-based Data Monitoring and Transfer System: All relevant system data such as functions, alarms and consumptions are automatically transferred to an internet-based portal stored for long-term evaluation on a server and can be accessed at any time through an internet access and/or smart phone.

Solar Generator: The electrical power supply is managed by ten high-performance solar modules (Schott Mono 190) with a solar cell efficiency of > 17.6 %. The solar modules supply the power for the entire house, including energy-saving lamps for exterior and interior, the water pump and water treatment system for the house and the yard, television and radio, refrigerator and air conditioner. In the sun belt of our planet the applied solar modules generate an average of 7.4 kWh of energy per day. The solar modules have a manufacturer warranted performance of 25 years. The lifespan of premium solar modules is 30 years and more according to today’s state of the art.

Accumulator: The electrical energy generated by the solar generator is temporarily stored in a 24 V battery bank consisting of 12 maintenance-free BAE Secura solar battery cells (8 PVV 1200). The battery bank, delivered by BAE Batterien GmbH, is storing energy for the night time and for daily periods with less sunlight. BAE Secura solar batteries are optimized especially for use in photovoltaic systems. The battery bank stores 29 kWh of electrical energy, 80% of which can be consumed. This amount is enough in order to supplies all the electrical devices in the house for approximately four to five days with no sunlight at all. The BAE Secura solar batteries have a lifespan of more than 10 years, provided the operation and maintenance rules are observed.

Inverter: The 24 V DC power of the accumulator is transformed, by means of an electronic inverter, into the applicable AC power in order to supply AC devices such as household appliances. The Smart Solar House is equipped with two AC grids, the European grid (230 V/50 Hz, 800 VA) and the American grid (120V/60 Hz, 600 VA).

Deep Well Pump: The water for the house and for the external system is pumped up from a well with a depth of 8 meters into a 2.5 m3 upright tank by means of a solar deep well pump made by Grundfos (SQF 2.5-2). The average daily consumption is 3.5 m3. The pump system has excellent system efficiency and has been field-tested and proven to be very reliable even under extreme environmental conditions.

Water treatment: The ground water pumped up from the well is filtered and then sterilized with an UVC disinfection aggregate made by PURION GmbH (PURION 1000). Depending on the water quality, an activated carbon filter is placed between filter and UV system. This water is needed for the incoming water of the collector system (warm water circuit) as well as for the cold water circuit.

In addition to this, the UV system control provides a selective control for optional tank disinfection. The energy for the disinfection and for the circulating pump system is provided by the solar generator. The aggregate lamps have a lifespan of about 6000 hours.

Thermal Collector System: The entire warm water consumption of the house is managed by a solar-thermal system supplied by Wagner & Co. Solartechnik (SECUSOL 160-1 with a 160 litre warm water storage tank). We use high-performance flat collectors which enable high yield even under limited sunlight exposure. This nearly pre-assembled system also provides effective overheating control since it works according to the drain back principle. This is to say that the system is very well equipped for use in these climate zones. The very well insulated warm water storage tank is located in the technology room of the house. The lifespan of the system is a minimum of 15 years.

Yard irrigation: In order to save on power and water, the garden or yard of the house is irrigated by way of a drip-irrigation system. The dosage is synchronized with plant needs and water availability.