Solar house concept

SET selected electronic technologies GmbH has developed a small, innovative, economically and ecologically sustainable and autonomous solar house; we will build this zero resources building in October of 2011 as part of a “dena” solar roof program in Nicaragua. The solar house is a successful combination of clever architecture, intelligent system control and field-tested energy converters, storage systems and devices – all “Made in Germany”. The SOLARHOUSE was developed with ecologically sustained areas in the sun belt of our planet in mind. We employ technologies such as photovoltaics, solar thermal systems, solar pump systems, solar water treatment and natural air conditioning, such as highly efficient DC air conditioners. The building is a modular lightweight construction, and all devices and subsystems are integral parts of the overall system. All energy converters, storage systems and devices are controlled by an ISC Intelligent System Controller. The ISC puts into practice a Smart Home Grid securing the optimal use of resources, storage systems and energy-consuming devices.