Selected Eletronic Technologies (SET) is a global engineering company with business areas in photovoltaics, water technologies and cathodic corrosion protection systems and is located in the town of Wedel in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany.

For more than twenty years, our company has been a global supplier of photovoltaic power systems as well as water pump and water treatment systems for drinking water. In the area of photovoltaic system technology we develop, manufacture, deliver and install ready-to-use systems in cooperation with our local partners and agents. Our systems are used in more than 25 countries.

Our systems are particularly suitable for use in developing and emerging countries where the conventional electrical grid barely exists and where a secure, affordable and sustainable energy supply is an important condition for the development of rural regions.

SET cooperates worldwide with a number of representatives and partners delivering not only the technical devices but also the necessary know-how in order to speed up the advancement of renewable energies in our partner countries. In addition to this we collaborate with a number of universities in our partner countries.

As a rule, the local partner will take care of the local coordination, supports the installation and the technical after sales service at all times.

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